ken gust - post supervisor

Ken is a dedicated, skilled problem solver with a wide range of digital post production talents. He brings his insight and experience to the workflow design, color/DI, editing and conform, asset management, finishing and delivery services at Synaptic VFX.

Prior to Synaptic, Gust experienced "big successes on small scale projects." Acting was his first foray into the entertainment industry, appearing in Batman Forever, ER, Showgirls, Virtuosity, Murder She Wrote, and several other movies and TV shows. Too tall to cast for choice roles, Ken found an intense curiosity for work behind the camera. His instincts as a performer and storyteller fit well with independent film production, particularly genre filmmaking which presented a steady stream of creative challenges. His lifelong fascination with technology guided him toward projects where he could translate his skills and production experience on-set as a writer/producer into work as an editor, colorist, and and post supervisor.

With his attention fully focused on digital post, Ken found his professional "home" working on Stereoscopic 3D projects. At 3D conversion studio "inner-D", Ken handled stereoscopic dailies, VFX review, conform, color, DCP creation, and digital asset management "from ingest to delivery". He honed his skills in the DI bay and spearheaded new solutions to managing the ever-growing, ever-evolving I/O data pipelines for digital post.

Ken feels truly fortunate to have found partners who appreciate his dedication and share his passion for digital post production. He is excited to be working with the Jordan brothers, and is committed "to making Synaptic's projects as big, vivid, and beautiful as they can be."