Rebecca Ramsey's diversified executive producing experience reaches across the full spectrum of visual effects genres and 3D Stereo productions; into motion graphics and design for film, television, commercials and feature marketing campaigns.

Recognizing the increasing need for savvy production management in 3D stereo productions and 2D to 3D stereo conversions, Ramsey's most recent projects have been a mixture of visual effects and stereo productions. Working with Yu+co, Sassoon Film Design, the 3DCG Stereo Consulting Group, 3D Revolution, Gradient/Stereo Intl., and Logan, Ramsey provided her producing skills to projects including Sony Picture's Alice in Wonderland, Disney's G-Force, Immortals, Conan The Barbarian, as well as HP7 Part 2. Some of her additional commercial credits include Jim Beam; Devil, Intel, Jetta; "Paper" ,Volkswagen's in-cinema, 3D stereo commercial, and the trailer for Walden Media's Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Ramsey sees digital workflow as a universal challenge facing every production today. She's dealt with it first hand, especially on 3D stereo and complex vfx and digital matte painting projects that require the integration of a wide variety of source elements from multiple vendors. She is excited to collaborate with Synaptic's partners in efficiently managing this aspect of the studio's work by providing their clients with well thought, streamlined solutions for each of their productions.

Ramsey had the good fortune to begin her producing career with R/GA-LA,R/Greenberg Associates' Los Angeles studio, and has held executive level positions with several of Los Angeles's leading visual effects companies including Look Effects, Inc., H-Design, Inc., Kaleidoscope Films Group, Rezn8, and Todd-AO Studios.

As a Los Angeles born, Hollywood Hills native, and UCLA grad, Ramsey is passionate about supporting Los Angeles' production community. It has been her experience that clients always appreciate having a local contact available on the home front to communicate with about their productions.