shant jordan - vfx supervisor

Throughout his career, Shant has been a dedicated, innovative artist and a passionate builder of creative teams and business relationships. Working with many of the top studios and VFX companies in the Los Angeles area, Shant has continually expanded his CG, compositing, stereography, and supervising skills for films, television, and video games.

Shant gained widespread media attention when he produced the short film "Troops" with director/writer Kevin Rubio. The Star Wars satire was a groundbreaking achievement that kickstarted the fan film genre. It also gave Shant the enviable opportunity to meet George Lucas in 2002, when "Troops" won the inaugural Pioneer Award at the Star Wars Fan Film Awards sponsored by Lucasfilm.

Shant's career in creating visual effects for film and television began with Color Systems Technologies, doing feature film colorization and helping develop their in-house digital ink and paint software. When chosen to head up the development and launch of Netter Digital's Visual Effects Division, Shant assembled and supervised a department of over 100 artists, animators, and technicians. At Netter Digital, Shant served as effects supervisor for three seasons of the television series "Babylon 5" - including four Babylon 5 movies and the spin-off series "Crusade" - as well as the Emmy-winning animated series, Voltron. His feature film credits include "Ghost Rider 2", "Green Lantern", "Alice in Wonderland 3D", "Piranha 3D", "Where the Wild Things Are", "Get Smart", "Due Date", and "From Dusk Till Dawn", among others.

The formation of Synaptic VFX brings all the areas of Shant's expertise into play, delivering quality work while expertly overseeing budgeting and business management. It also allows him to work side-by-side with his brother Shahen, a creative collaboration that drives and inspires both of them.